Tips For Achieving Best Results With Your Custom 5D Diamond Painting

Here at High Grabity, we use state of the art color and image processing system to help convert any picture into the most realistic, personalized 5D Diamond Painting artwork that you can find anywhere! 

Here are five tips to help you achieve the best results for your customized paint by number:

  • Decide the level of difficulty you are comfortable with. The more colors and objects in your picture, the greater detailed your custom 5D Diamond Painting canvas will be.  However, it also adds to its difficulty.  Find a happy medium.
  • Keep the background simple. Try to find a neutral or solid-colored background that won’t compete with the subject. 

  • Close-up for faces. When uploading pictures with face or faces in them, a close-up shot is preferable so that the small details of the face can be better captured.
  • High resolution, non-blurry pictures. Resolution refers to the image quality of the picture.  High-resolution images will result in crisp, clean 5D Diamond Painting.  Low-resolution images will appear fuzzy and pixelated. 

  • Use a high-contrast photo. A high contrast picture will make the subject stand out, resulting in cleaner lines and a more distinct 5D Diamond Painting artwork.